Bobble's Funky Website

Funny blue cat named Bobble is blinking.

Road work ahead... Yeah I sure hope it does.

Hello and welcome to my new website :)

I really like seeing all the weird and wacky websites people have made so I decided to make my own! Here I will be fiddling around learning how to format in HTML and CSS. Don't expect too much and have fun looking around!

Do I think?

Jan 17, 2023

As I sit here looking at my site, I am unsure what sort of theme and content to put in place. There are so many possibilities. At the moment this site is just some saturated colors and not so interesting text but I could make anything.

When I browse random sites my eye is drawn to bright designs and unique layouts. Some of them are crammed with lots of silly images and gifs. I like this aesthetic but I realize it is quite popular. There is also a little perfectionist on my shoulder preventing me from fully embracing the jank and chaos. On the other hand, I also do not want to make something super clean. Letting myself make something crazy and unconventional is why I created this site. Here is a list of some ideas that I could possibly implement sometime in the future:

Fonts and Adventures

Jan 22, 2023

Today I dove down a rabbit hole. I woke up planning to make a very simple "Choose Your Own Adventure" but, in typcial fashion, got distracted compleatly. It started with obsessing over what font I wanted to use. I spent way too long scouring google trying to find the font from ZORK, before realizing that it was just a built in one (This site saved me) from IBM's Disk Operating System. While I was searching I had found a couple of online emulators with old games and programs. Naturally I played ZORK and later playing The Oregon Trail with friends in a call. We had nearly made it to the end before all drowning at the final river from a single rock tipping everything over. Wirklich schade.

I've only linked a few referances here but later on I will compile the links that I have saved from surfing the web into one big master list.

I didn't sleep yet

Jan 23, 2023

I didn't sleep since I wrote the previous post. Instead I have been browsing other neocities losing myself in the amount of tabs I have open at once. I find it annoying that I can not easily go back to the neocities interface to follow a site that I find cool. It is not so bad when I find the site from the main neocities page because then I can right click and open in a new tab but through buttons it seems to be impossible to find them again if lost. So for your convenience here is my neocities page.

I realize that it is actually quite simple to get back to the main page. All one has to do is take the name of the site and put it behind

The sleep is getting to me. I think I will go collapse now :)

Links to my other small corners of the internet:

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